• About ModoNation
    About ModoNation

    Our mission... To offer & inspire you with The World´s first (1966) injection moulded cantilever chairs designed by Steen Ostergaard...

  • About ModoNation
    About ModoNation

    ...To combine the best finish & quality in moulded nylon and fiber-glass.

    Made entirely in DENMARK.

About the designer

Timeline: Steen Ostergaard

1935: born in Denmark.
….  apprentice as Cabinetmaker & Imagery Carver.
1957: furniture architect from the famous School of Arts & Crafts, Copenhagen, Denmark – certificate with honour & highest degree.
1962-66 work with famous Danish furniture designer Finn Juhl
1965: “The designer” of “The Furniture of the Future”
1966: Own design studio

1966: Design of “Modo290”

Modo290 was the first ever cantilever chair in the
world that was injection-moulded in one single opera-tion. This also required the largest piece of moulding-tool ever made for injection of nylon at that time.
60´ies: Numerous awards and 1st prizes from interna-tional design and art world e.g. The Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark and In-ternational Furniture Competition, Cantu, Italy
1970-75: chief designer for famous Danish designer Poul Cadovius
1974: Exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, NYC
1986: moves to England… Germany and…
Now:  lives in Nice, France - still active as a designer with new ideas

2014: Re-introduction of “Modo290”